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Buckeye Alpaca Show

Goodness how time flies by. We had a VERY successful show last weekend, bringing in multiple 1st place ribbons and even a CHAMPIONSHIP! Our first ever!

Gray Championship Banner for Huacaya Alpaca
Gray Championship Banner for Huacaya Alpaca

The crew set up on Friday, and did an amazing job over the busy and hectic crowd. Showing is a big deal for us 'paca people, but thankfully everyone is really kind and helpful. We never hesitate to ask for assistance with anything alpaca related - each person is ready and willing to help. In fact, our one appy girl was being called early and no one heard the announcement. A friendly neighbor was kind enough to take her to the ring and get a blue ribbon, a huge THANK YOU to our friend Tim for that!!

It's funny how our opinions are drastically different from how the judges see the animals. We adore our Princess Leia, and are very pleased with how she is growing, and she did get a blue first place ribbon, but it was our boy Krennic that took the championship! I can honestly say we were 100% in total shock! Not that he isn't a beauty, but that we won despite all the incredible alpacas that were there! I really did NOT think that we would place when compared to them. These farms have been breeding and raising alpacas for years, and we are only in year 2. However, our stock came from an incredible breeder, so while we made the purchase hoping that the cria would be a winner, we couldn't guarantee it. It was a surprise, but a welcome one indeed :)

So, we are off to work on many things over the summer. Our plans are constantly in flux and I never know what will come next. However, I can tell you we will be logging into the Futurity (maybe even showing Krennic himself!), headed to NY for the Parade of Champions, and of course, attending and showing at the Buckeye Alpaca Fall Fest. We've got some cria due this summer, plus some breedings scheduled for 2025 cria. Excited to see what we get!

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