Let Us Know How We Can Help You


Where are you located?

Been to Blossom Music Center?  If so, you can find our farm.  We are located up the street from Wetmore Trailhead, and about 10 minutes around the corner from Szalays Market.  If coming from Steels Corners, you wont see Wetmore Rd, instead you will need to take Haas Rd, and it will lead you onto Wetmore.  Just look for a white farmhouse.

What do you do?

Honestly?  Right now, not much.  We are in our first year of shaping our farm, and the life surrounding it.  We hope to raise livestock for meat, eggs, wool and milk.  We hope to grow our own barley for our donkeys, and grow enough vegetables to sell in our (future) market stand.  A day at a time.

Do you need farm help - paid or volunteer?

We have had a lot of people ask us about this.  And at some point we hope to say YES!  Right now, the 5 of us are still learning our ways around farm life.  Trust me, once we get established, we will reach out to all you who have asked :)