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Fulcrum Farms

Supporting Local Farming

Welcome to Fulcrum Farms!  I am Amber, and next to me is my husband, Chris. We purchased 47 acres in 2019 located right next to the gorgeous Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  We are first generation farmers, learning every day.  Our first goals were to improve the land through regenerative agriculture - integrating biodiversity by allowing multiple ecosystems to thrive with one another, rather than focusing on singular crop/livestock.  We will do this by proper husbandry and rotation - its amazing what animals bring to life in the soil.  We will be raising award winning alpacas, rare breed chickens, ducks, selling free-range rainbow eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, plus handmade canned goods, scrumptious bakery, and yarn based crafts from our very own herd.  We are glad you have found us and are interested in supporting our little farm.  Follow along by clicking on the links below to see what's new!

Upcoming Events

  • Welcome to The Farm!
    Cuyahoga Falls
    Cuyahoga Falls, 3902 Wetmore Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, USA
    Open Visit Day!


3902 Wetmore Rd
Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223

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