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Fulcrum Farms

Alpacas - Fleece, Genetics, Color and More

Welcome to Fulcrum Farms, where passion for alpacas meets dedication to excellence. We are a small but mighty alpaca farm with a big vision. Our journey began with a single alpaca in 2022, and since then, we have been committed to enhancing the quality of fleece, expanding genetic diversity, and nurturing award-winning stock.

At Fulcrum Farms, we believe that every strand of fiber tells a story. That's why we meticulously select our alpacas, focusing on wild patterns, mesmerizing appaloosa coats, and the increasingly coveted roan hues. With the assistance of genetic color typing, we ensure that each member of our herd contributes to our mission of producing exceptional alpacas.

We offer alpacas for sale, meticulously selected for their superior traits and potential. Additionally, our stud services provide breeders with access to excellent bloodlines. 

Join us on our journey we continue to refine our standards and raise the bar for alpaca excellence, one exquisite fleece at a time. Whether you're a curious visitor or a fellow alpaca enthusiast, we welcome you to our family.

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