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Rare Breed Hatching Eggs

Rare Breed Hatching Eggs


Gorgeous eggs laid by our hens here at Fulcrum Farms!  Some of our rare breeds include:  Azure ($5), Olive ($5), Easter ($5), Sage ($5), Moss ($7),  Rose ($8)  and Cocoa ($7) Eggers, Black Copper Marans ($5), Double Silver Laced Barnevelder ($5), and Welsummer ($5).  All hens are bred to our Moss egger and Easter Egger roosters.  Hatching eggs will be sold UNWASHED, so they may be soiled.  Please let us know the breeds you are looking for, and we will do our best to gather them for you.  Pickup will be due within 2 days to ensure viability, and we can ship, but costs will be $20+ per dozen.  


    If you are unahppy with your purchase, please let us know!  

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